People who use The Copy Mentor’s services:

Here are some of the reasons people use The Copy Mentor’s services:

  • Marketers and business executives who want to improve their marketing messages, without the expense of an agency.
  • Marketers who are unhappy with the quality of the copy they get from their ‘creative agency’ and cannot get the agency to revise the copy as required. (strange but true)
  • Independent consultants who can write competently, but don’t have the time or inclination to hire copywriters to do it for them. They just want their own words improved before presenting to their client.
  • Advertising agencies who want to improve their copywriting skills.
  • Executives who want to improve their speeches and presentations.
  • Business owners who cannot afford advertising agencies or marketing consultants.
  • Authors and bloggers who are stuck for words and want to ‘fix’ what they have written.

Here’s what they say

"We've already started editing like John taught us and the results are fantastic. In one email campaign alone we went from 4 responses to over 100 responses as a result of the revised copy. Thank you."

"Wednesday was GREAT! Thank you to both you and John. I wish John was my English teacher at school. All children should be taught to write like John.... John made grammar look so easy ~ He is a very gifted man. It was the first English lesson I have ever enjoyed!"

"I'm moving to Texas to get my kids educated the way John has been taught. This stuff is brilliant - I wish we were taught how to write this way when I was growing up."

"I love your tutorials. Your teaching style is fantastic, and unlike any other tutor I've seen."

"I received my signed copy of Write Like You Mean Business today. Within fifteen minutes I was able to set up my copy of Word to reflect Flesch-Kincaid scores. I'm thrilled with your book. Thank you sir!"

"Very few teach copy like you. We need to clone you and create an army of decent school English teachers!"




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