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The Copy Mentor editing service is a unique, money-saving way to improve your existing copy and your writing skills at the same time.

When you Hire Hancock to edit your copy, he’ll not only send you an edited (and improved) version of your copy, but he’ll also send you a link to a video of what he edited and why. So you can learn how he does it and improve your skills.

It’s like having your own in-house Copy Supervisor and Trainer at your fingertips.

Paradoxically, the more you use The Copy Mentor, the sooner you’ll become a better writer and the less you’ll need to use the service.

Here’s how you do it in 5 easy steps:

Step 1 - Just send your copy to Hancock for appraisal.

Step 2 – Within 24 hours he’ll review your copy and send you an estimate to edit it.

Step 3 – You sign and return the estimate and submit your payment.

Step 4 – Hancock will edit your copy and return it to you with a link to the video of your editing process.

Step 5 – You get better copy. You learn how to write better copy. And you eventually stop using The Copy Mentor services.

All jobs are confidential. Any samples of your work displayed on this site is only done so with your written approval.

Click here to Hire Hancock to edit your copy.

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