A book about business writing
that shows you not only how,
but also WHY

Write Like You Mean Business is based on John Hancock’s 42 years of professional experience and backed by the research of Dr Rudolph Flesch and the OECD. Instead of glib formulas it focuses on the essentials of good writing. Along with step-by-step lessons in editing, it gives you a refresher course in basic grammar and introduces you to the visual grammar of sentence diagrams.

This book is not for those seeking money-making headlines or a short-cuts to success. It is a book for people serious about improving their writing skills. It’s technical and it’s practical. It will challenge the way you think about language. You’ll wish you had been taught this stuff at school. Because Hancock doesn't just help you to write better; he helps you to think better, too.

If you apply yourself to learning its lessons, Write Like You Mean Business will help you communicate more clearly and convincingly – whether you're writing presentations, reports, speeches, websites, email, advertisements, direct mail, catalogues, job descriptions or just the occasional staff memo. And if you're learning business English as a second language, it will become one of your key reference books.

Here's what business writing professionals have said about it:

     'There has never been a writing book like it'

'The title of this wonderful book is misleading. What is teaches applies to far more than business. If you wish to succeed, you must learn to persuade. If you wish to persuade, you must know how to write well. And since fewer and fewer people nowadays can write at all well, it will give you a tremendous advantage in your life.'
     - Drayton Bird, doyen of UK direct marketers
        and author of the best-selling classic, Commonsense Direct Marketing

       'The best I have read on how to write effective, compelling copy'

'I wish I had it many years ago – it would have made my life so much easier! If you want your writing to work – study this book.'
      - Alan Rosenspan, former Ogilvy & Mather creative director
         and principal of Alan Rosenspan & Associates

      'No communications department should be without a copy'

'Write like you mean business’ is detailed and technical, and it challenges much of what I was taught. But since I’ve implemented many of John’s recommendations I’m pleased to say they work! It’s comprehensive, practical and well written (of course). I wish I’d had it long ago.'
      - Melanie Mayne-Wilson, independent public relations consultant
         and principal of Mayne Stream Communications

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